How To Winterize A Boat Motor Outboard Ideas

How To Winterize A Boat Motor Outboard. 2 ) add fuel stabilizer to your fuel tanks; 3 ) fog the carburetor intake;

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4 ) inspection & cleaning operation; 5 ) drain and refill engine + gear oil;

Boat Spring Checklist 101 How To DeWinterize A Boat

6 ) drain the cooling lines and store the motor; A frozen bilge can sink your boat if you leave enough water in it at the end of the season.

How To Winterize A Boat Motor Outboard

Another thing i learned that some people do before storing the motor is that they turn the kil
l switch to off and then turn the engine over using the key.
As such, winterizing an outboard boat motor should be basically the same as that of the inboard motor.Attach a gear lube pump to the drain hole and pump new gear oil into the gearcase until it reaches the vent hole.Check to make sure the propeller is free of any device that may be wrapped around it ;.

Complete checklist for winterize your boat motorCrank the motor a couple of times by hand or bump it with the starter to empty the water pump.Hook up a garden hose to a motor flush attachment, which will cover the water intake on the lower unit of the motor.How to winterize an outboard boat motor.

If you live in a cold climate and store your outboard outdoors, things can still get screwed up—read these tips from north woods marine techs, before the snow flies.If you pull your boat ashore, try to lift the stern with the motor lowered to drain as much water as possible from the outboard.If you’re hiring someone to winterize your boat, insist on a written contract that clearly lists every job necessary to protect your boat and has a firm time frame, beginning well before the first typical hard freeze.If your boat has a hull plug for draining, ice in the bilge this could force it.

Install the spark plugs back into the engine, and torque them to the manufacturer’s specs provided in the outboard’s.Navigate through to winterize mode and click the button winterize engine;Now you’ll park the boat and trailer and let them sleep tight until opening day.Of course, if you properly winterize your outboard before putting it away for the winter, you should be fine.

Outboard motor winterizing the best method for winterizing an outboard motor involves the owner’s manual.Remove the drain screw and washer, and let the oil fully drain.Remove the overflow screw and put a container under the drain screw to catch the old oil.Remove the spark plugs, and spray the fogging oil directly into the engine’s combustion chambers.

Screw the bowl and clean filter element back onto the engine.Spray the oil for a couple of seconds into each spark plug hole.Take the engine out of the water, give the lower unit a good scrub, rinse it one last time, dry it off, and clamp it to an engine dolly or workbench to finish the winterizing.Telling someone to winterize the engines and freshwater system doesn’t mean they’ll also close the seacocks and winterize the head.

The engine will double oil itself b.The engine will run for 90 seconds and then shut itself off;The main difference is that the former is installed at the back of the boat, while the latter is inside the boat.The motor will automatically shut itself off and you’re.

The winterization process will engage itself a.There are too many different kinds and different designs to give a.These products are engineered to work together to optimize fuel, remove deposits from the engine and protect the fuel system over the winter months.They can stay dry for the winter.

This will help blow out any extra water left inside.This will help get rid of any sediment collecting within the system.Turn on the water and then start the motor.Water in the submerged portion of the motor will not freeze.

We’ll help you find or build the cobalt boat of your dreams, call us today to get started!We’ll help you find or build the cobalt boat of your dreams, call us today to get started!When the air temperature is below freezing, always keep the motor in its down position when it’s not running.Winter boat storage, boat covers, fuel treatments, engine winterization (for both outboards and inboards), battery care, and winterizing your water systems and.

You may also be wondering the steps to winterize your outboard motor.You then select “winterize” from your digital display, and the motor will automatically winterize itself in just 90 seconds.

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