How To Wax Skis For Storage 2021

How To Wax Skis For Storage. A couple seasons back i invested in a roto brush and that has been a real game changer and time saver. A good layer of hot wax over the bases and edges will keep dampness out and prevent rust from gnawing away while you’re at the beach.

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A harder wax can yield air pockets and a softer wax can get “eaten up” over the summer. After cleaning and tuning, waxing your skis is a crucial step for summer storage preparation.

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After hot waxing, lay down a thick layer of warm wax, like swix ch10. After that, apply a glide wax cleaner and use a shop towel to wipe the ski base.

How To Wax Skis For Storage

Cleaning, waxing and putting away.Depending on how fast you want your skis to glide, you may want to apply a new layer of wax for the correct temperature.Do not scrape off the wax.First, use your fine brass brush to remove the bulk of the remaining cleaning wax.

Hold a chunk of wax against the hot iron and let the wax drip onto the ski.Hot wax the bases with base performance red.I am just watching the wax dripped down the edge, make sure its fully covering it, the top and the side of the edge that is.I usually take 3 steps here.

If it looks like your bases have absorbed a large portion of the wax, repeat the hot wax process until you have a good amount of protective storage wax built up.If this is preparation for summer storage, coat the steel edges with wax, and leave it on in order to prevent rust buildup.If you didn’t tune your skis, give your edges a sharpen to provide maximum grip on snow.If your skis are in really rough shape at the end of the season, it’s a good idea to have them tuned before applying storage wax.

If you’ve used a warm weather wax, scrape it off and rewax for the current temperature.It’s not a bad idea to write the numbers on a piece of tape and stick it on your skis.It’s that time of year when skis need to go into hibernation.Keep skis in ski ties (or tape) on tips & tails.

Let ski cool down approx.Let the skis sit for about two hours.Make sure to keep the iron moving because you can burn the base of your skis if the iron is kept in one spot for too long.Make sure to use a lot of wax for maximum protection.

Needless to say that is a lot of scraping.No scraping or brushing this time.Now if only there were a better solution to removing wax than a plastic scraper.Now, youre going to let that cool just because its hot, sticky wax, you dont want to get all over your things, and in the meantime, you can go do what you like, essentially you are ready to store your ski and this is going to seal up everything for you.

Once the wax is set, strap your skis and store them, either laying flat or hanging.Once you’re satisfied take a step back to let the wax cool, while inspecting your job to make sure that you have covered both bases in entirety.Open the skis base after scraping off the storage wax, aggressively brush the ski base from tip to tail with the fast wax superfine ss brush.Place the iron on the ski or snowboard base and spread the wax over the entire base until a layer of wax coats the whole surface.

Put down at least twice as much wax as you normally would, making sure that the molten wax drips over the edge of the ski.Race ski storage wax for $25.00.Recreational skis storage wax $20.00.Red is the perfect consistency for storage waxing.

Remember to scrape off all the storage wax before you hit the slopes and readjust your dins if you dialled them down.Remove all wax from the ski base.Remove base hairs (optional) brush the ski from tip to tail using a white scotchbrite pad wrapped over a speed block or a flat cork.Repeat until base is completely covered & saturated.

Run the scraper back and forth along the length of the ski, applying pressure.Scrape any wax off the steel edges of the ski.Since you’re putting your skis in storage, use twice or three times as much wax as.Smooth the wax into an even layer, about 1/8 inch thick.

So far i have removed storage wax and prepped 11 pairs of skis with fresh wax and have another three pairs to go.Starting at the tip of the ski, just make contact with the iron to the base, over the wax.Store skis in a cool dry environment where there is little fluctuation in temperature.Store the skis in a place or fashion where they will not get very dirty or dusty.

Storing skis takes a few steps:Strap ’em and store ’em.The best wax to use for prepping your skis for summer storage should be a base prep are some of the popular base prep summer storage ski waxes:The final step is to iron on the wax and let it sit.

The first step requires a copper or steel brush, which should be used to gently brush off any large mud or dirt particles.The iron will spread the wax out as it comes into contact with the dropped path.The key here is to apply a nice thick layer of wax and keep it there.The purpose of this is to seal off the base and edges from the air, which contains moisture.

Then just let the ski cool.Then, with a nylon brush, scrub the base back and forth, working from tip to tail.This thick layer keeps your skis from being degraded by dirt or other impurities during storage.This will open the ski base allow better penetration of the new wax.

This will seal your clean base, and keep it from drying out or clogging with dirt.Wait for the snow to fall.Wax and care of skis.Wax your skis with a fresh coat of storage wax.

When the lifts start to spin, scrape the wax off, brush and go if you’ve used an all temp wax.Working tip to tail, brush out your base structure with smooth and even pressure.You could be lazy and throw them in the basement for the bases to collect dust and oxidize slowly over the summer, or you can do the right thing and apply storage wax to keep them protected and.

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