How To Use Preseed Lubricant For Conception Ideas

How To Use Preseed Lubricant For Conception. Clinically approved and endorsed worldwide, it boasts active ingredients and power packed antioxidants that enhance cell function and increase the chances of conception. Compatible with latex or polyurethane condoms.

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Existing lubricant products rapidly decrease sperm motility and numbers of sperm penetrating into the cervix, thus potentially limiting the number of sperm able to participate in fertilization. For semen collection , use only a polyurethane condom.

2 Pack PreSeed Fertility Friendly Water Based Lubricant

Hoping this actually works when it comes to conception,. I used about 2.5 grams every time.

How To Use Preseed Lubricant For Conception

If using with condoms apply the lubricant directly from the tube.If you have fertility issues beyond that (hence, if there is no egg waiting for the sperm or your partner’s sperm has issues) then preseed will not be helpful.In order for conception to occur, motile sperm must be able to penetrate into cervical mucus and proceed to the fallopian tubes in adequate numbers.It comes with one tube of the lube and nine applicators with measurements written in grams.

It has been formulated to mimic naturally occurring fertile cervical mucus.It is sperm friendly and will not harm or impede sperm and so is safe to use when you are ttc.It is the same ph and quality as fertile cervical mucus.It’s cleared by the fda for sale, and is isotonic,.

Make sure the applicator plunger is fully in before you start.Many women choose to apply the lubricant about 15 minutes prior to intercourse to allow moisture to disperse.Not worth it to me!Power packed with antioxidants the results show why fertility experts and fertility clinics endorse and use preseed sperm friendly worldwide.

Preseed can help to make up for the lack of cervical mucus that comes along with clomid, and using the two together can be a great idea for women who are trying to.Preseed is a fertility friendly and sperm friendly lubricant that will not damage sperm, like other over the counter lubricants can sometimes do.Preseed is the number one choice for couples who want to experience heightened.Preseed is the only fda approved personal lubricant specifically created to be sperm friendly.

Preseed lubricant is the only lubricant that has been shown in clinical trials to not impair sperm quality and therefore not affect pregnancy outcomes.Preseed sperm friendly lubricant boasts the same ph levels as semen and works to deliver the optimal environment in which to support sperm on it’s journey to fertilise the egg.Preseed will assist with getting the sperm to the cevix but that is it.Push the applicator plunger all.

Since sperm can, in optimum conditions, live for up to 5 days (and since the egg only lives for 24 hours), if you use preseed i guess this might increase the window of opportunity for conception.So we decided not to use it this cycle, in case it helped the poor quality sperm get to the egg.Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and apply to genital area.Squeeze from the bottom of the tube to fill the applicator with the amount of lubricant you’d like to use.

Take one applicator and push the plunger all the way in.The directions suggest pulling 2 or 3 grams of lube into the applicator when you use it.The newest fertility friendly lubricant is from fairhaven health, and is called aptly, babydance.This is where preseed comes in.

This lubricant has been tested in many trials and appears not to impair a couple’s ability to conceive.This may make preseed the best lube for getting pregnant.Thread the applicator onto the tube opening.Try just using 1 gm at first, and work up to the right amount for you.

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