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How To Use A Plumbing Snake On Tub. A manual snake may be difficult to use here—an electric snake is much better at getting around the trap and down the pipes. A plumbing snake is a long, flexible metal cable with a small uncoiled spring, or an auger, on one end and a handle on the other.

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A plumbing snake is a tool that you can use to remove clogs that block drains and piping. A plumbing snake is also called an auger.

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Activate the drain snake’s motor, holding it firmly in place while continuing to feed the cable into the drain. Also called a plumbing snake or drain auger, this handy tool is simply a long, thick, flexible wire that “snakes” into drains and pipes to chew through clogs quickly and efficiently.

How To Use A Plumbing Snake On Tub

At one end it has a handle that you turn.Both of these methods require an overflow drain to be present in the tub.Coil the drain snake back up and remove it from the pipe.Continue to run the snake until you hit to break the clog or push it into the main stack.

Crank the handle and extend about 30 inches of snake cable into the pipe.Depending on your bathtub, you will need a screwdriver to remove screws first.Doing so rotates the business end of the snake, which works to break up the clog.Either way, debris will gather in those areas.

Feed the snake into the drain.For extra support, kneel on the floor of the tub and rest your arm on your leg.For showers, remove the drain.For tubs, the trap can be accessed through the overflow portion of the drain.

Getting your snake or drain auger through an elbow can be a challenge for even an experienced diyer.Grab the snake by the handle and slide the other end into the drain.Grasp the machine up with your strongest hand and feed the cable with your other.Hair is one of the primary reasons a sink, tub, or shower drain clogs.

How to make a plumbing snake turn corners a corner in a pipe is called an elbow.How to use a plumbing snake prep the area.However, this drain snake design allows for easy use to remove problematic hair and debris from a drain.I found two videos that were particularly helpful:

If the toilet plunger does not work to clear a bathtub drain, a plumber’s snake is the best option, especially if the clog is farther down the drain.If there is no resistance, uncoil the entire length of the sewer snake into the pipe, and into the main drain.If you are unclogging the tub, you should never put the snake through the drain, but through the overflow plate.If you can’t, it’s time to use your snake.

If you didn’t remove the trap, consider running cold water while you snake.If you feel some resistance, use both hands to keep pushing it deeper.In both videos, this overflow drain was located about 18 above the main.In theory, there are some snaking devices that can bend over 90 degrees so they do not harm your pipes, and can be used through the tub drain, but it is only few devices.

Insert the end of the cable into the drain.Insert the head of the snake into either the drain (if you didn’t remove the trap), or the access point on the wall.Insert the tip of the snake into the hole usually covered by the overflow plate.It looks similar to a hose but has a much different purpose.

Next, insert the auger wire into the drain.Not only does this look bad, but it can also lead to rusting, depending on the type of material underneath the porcelain.Often, these mechanical augers can be used on sink drains in both the bathroom and kitchen, with a functional length up to 25 feet in many cases.Once you insert the entire plumbing snake into your shower drain—ensuring that the handle of the snake is as close to the surface of the tub as possible—begin to rotate the plumbing snake to gather the hair and gunk in the drain.

Remove any bits of the obstruction attached to the.Run the snake to the clog.Snake it out take your snake and advance the wire down the overflow.Snaking from the overflow drain;

Sometimes the clog will come out with the plumber’s snake.Start by grabbing a pair of gloves and a small towel.The aggressive force from a snake or improper use of a power snake may lead to cracks or complete pipe breakage.The first step is to remove a cover from the overflow on the top of the tub.

The first thing you have to do is to remove the metal plate found beneath the tub faucet.The gel even cuts through standing water to get your pipes flowing quickly again.The main difference is the place where you put a snake.The metal of a plumbing snake can leave scratches in the porcelain of your toilet bowl.

These small handheld plumbing snakes are compact and best suited to removing clogs in household drains.They can be harsh elbows like a 90 degree bend (such as your p trap) or a smaller elbow (less than 90 degrees).To snake a sink, tub, or shower drain, put on a pair of rubber gloves and remove anything that is obstructing the drain, like a drain stopper or hair trap.Wearing work gloves, unwind the snake and feed it into the drain until you feel it.

When using a hand snake you will need to loosen the set screw, pull out more cable, reset the screw and continue cranking in a clockwise motion.You should rotate the snake in a clockwise direction as you push it further into the sink.Your overflow cover is attached to a trip lever and they should come out together from the overflow pipe.­ ­ manually thread the auger head of the snake into the pipe.

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