How To Use A Bathroom Auger Ideas

How To Use A Bathroom Auger. A regular toilet auger consists of a long shaft, the snake, a bowl guard, and a manual crank. A toilet auger is usually used when a plunger has not worked to remove the blockage.

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A toilet auger, also known as a closet auger, is a drain cleaning tool that is designed to maneuver through the toilet drain and get rid of the clog head on. Auger is used to unclogging or removing obstacle what may cause stopping of the debris of the toilet to flow.

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Can you use a drain auger on a toilet? Choose an auger, also called a pipe snake.

How To Use A Bathroom Auger

For this, if the clogging is at a great spread then you should use a toilet auger.Gently insert it into the mouth of the drain, pointing in the same direction as the drain.Hold a steady, firm grip on the drain auger and continue pushing it inside till you feel it come up against the blockage.I find that it’s hard to get the plunger to make a seal on the low flow toilets that are in homes these days.

If not you will need to use the auger.If so, tighten the setscrew and crank the auger slowly while pushing on the cable.If you find clogs at the top that you can easily pick up with your hand go ahead and do it.If you work too rough, the cable will not enter the drain faster but will only double.

In further text, we will focus on the explanation of how to.Insert the toilet auger down the vent stack and start cranking the handle clockwise while pushing it down.It functions differently than power auger and is commonly used in households.It has a piercer on the far end of the tool and a handle which you can use to control the piercer and drill through the material which is blocking the pipe.

It is important to hold the auger housing firmly with one hand at all times while turning the auger with the other to pull the cable into the drain.It’s always better to have the right tools for the job.Keep the auger’s screw taut before continuing.Lower the bowl guard or “bend” at the bottom of the handle into the toilet bowl.

Maneuver the drain auger inside and turn the auger clockwise slowly as you push it in.Manual auger is a simple, yet very useful tool which is capable of getting to even the furthest clogging in your pipe.Many of these toilet augers come cheap, but are not all necessarily durable.Now you’re ready to begin.

Once you are sure that the auger is positioned in alignment with the drain, you need to push the cable through the toilet while turning it clockwise.Once you feel the cable hit something, you’ll know where the clog is in the pipes.Once you find that you can no longer turn the auger cable clockwise, begin pushing the cable forward.Once you’ve situated the auger correctly, push the cable through the toilet drain and turn it in a clockwise motion.

Our advice is to buy both a drain auger and a toilet auger.People will also use a toilet auger to remove a blockage instead of hiring a plumber or drain cleaning service.Pull the auger handle up all the way so that the end of the cable is close to the bottom curved end of the auger tube.Pull the crank up from the handle as far as you can, which will cause the spring of the auger to be right up against the end of the auger tube.

Similarly, if chemical drain unblocking fluids have not worked or you do not wish to use chemicals, then you might opt to use a toilet auger for the job.Slowly turn the crank handle of the auger.Some manual drain augers may have a setscrew keeping the cable in place within the drum, so be sure to loosen that up first.The auger head “spring” at the end of the cable should be pressed up against the bottom of the handle.

The toilet auger does it more efficiently than the toilet plunger.Then, place the lower part of the auger into the toilet.There’s a rubber material lining the cable so that you don’t have to worry about it cracking the porcelain, but still, try to move carefully.This curved elbow portion will make feeding the cable into the toilet easier, and the rubber or plastic covering will protect the toilet from scratches.

This twists the corkscrew end of the cable into the clog.We recommend trying a plunger first, it will probably work any shallow clog out.When it can’t turn any more, push the cable forward.When the entire length of the handle has been used up crank the handle in the opposite direction to retrieve it.

While a simple auger may not be adequate for every.You should feel the auger grab something or break up the clog.You should only be able to see.

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