How To Turkey Hunt In The Wind References

How To Turkey Hunt In The Wind. A hunter with a good understanding of all the things affecting turkey behavior is better able to tip the odds in their favor. After an unsuccessful morning turkey hunting, youth hunter avery miller and i, met up after lunch with high hopes for a better afternoon hunt.

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Any time that the wind is strong enough to be a real factor, you will have to use your good judgement to make the proper adjustments. As a goose hunter, i don’t mind the wind.

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As a turkey hunter, i hate it. Bring a thermos, set up a blind, get comfortable, stay dry and wait.

How To Turkey Hunt In The Wind

Depending upon the terrain, echoes may be another factor.Even if the rain has stopped,.Getting a gobbler should be both challenging and satisfying.Goose calls, owl calls, and crow calls are the important locator calls for turkey hunting in the wind.

Heavy rains or storms can shut down turkey activity, so i typically wait for such conditions to pass.Here, we hunt the eastern bird, which is one of the most challenging to shoot.Honestly, nothing else comes even close in terms of excitement.How to hunt gobblers in rain, wind, snow, or unseasonably hot weather.

How to hunt turkeys in windy conditions.However, we were met with a strong 30 mph winds that were forecasted to stay until well after sunset.Hunt visually during windy days.Hunting turkeys on those particularly windy spring days is more challenging.

If it is windy the evening before your hunt, the turkeys will do their best to stay out of the wind.If it is, they often blow over or spin.In most states, the turkey opener teeters on the cusp of.It will allow the turkeys to response.

It’s not just gobbler hunters who have trouble hearing on windy days.It’s not wise to be outside during an electrical storm.Kindly use locator calls with a pause.Many models have stakes and tie down ropes to secure the blind if strong winds begin to blow.

Most of us have experienced high winds that impede activity and make moving around far more difficult.Not to mention that the birds during windy days are shut down.Our professional guides make sure to furnish every field with plenty of decoys so you can get the most out of your hunting experience.Pop up blinds are made for rainy day hunting.

Spring weather can include excessive rain, howling winds and sometimes even snow.Strong winds can also impede the hunter’s ability to hear turkey calls, but, on the plus side, the turkey’s sense of hearing is also hampered.The trick is to call loudly to locate male turkeys, either to induce shock gobbling or have them answer your hen yelping.The wind may carry your call in a direction that it ends up bouncing off a hill or cliff, misleading the turkey as to the direction of the call.

There is more in judd cooney’s article explaining his observations and conclusions regarding wild turkey behavior in the wind.These blind and decoy spreads are occasionally successful.These types of bait are best to fool a turkey and make your shot perfect.They are usually quieter on days the wind is howling.

They can come in many forms ranging from owl hoots, crow calls, and loud, sharp turkey yelps.They can sneak up behind you before you know what happened.They will head for and/or roost lower down in the mountain in the hollow and valleys.This can be the toughest weather variable, as it often stifles turkey activity and hinders your hearing.

This hunting tactic can increase your success odds considerably during windy weather hunts.This is better than not hunting but remember turkey movements are curtailed during times of less than perfect weather.This is where hunting with a partner, with each person facing a different direction, can pay off.This will make identifying the approaching turkey more difficult.

Through rain, wind, sleet or snow, the turkeys are still out there and you should be too.Thunder often makes toms gobble, revealing their location, but be safe.Time for the spring turkey hunt.Today’s modern turkey hunters if they go hunting in the rain and wind setup in a blind.

Try to time it so you are walking between areas you want to check out when the wind is howling, pausing to call and listen during breaks in the breeze when you can hear more clearly.Turkey decoys can be useful if the wind isn’t gale force.Turkey hunters can watch the weather forecasts a few days ahead of a hunt and prepare for a rainy day.Turkey hunting in the wind spring is upon us, and that means a couple of things:

Turkey hunting on cold windy days may be the toughest conditions to chase spring gobblers in.Turkey season is right around the corner and the weather is unpredictable.Turkeys also have trouble hearing.Turkeys are often silent during periods of high wind.

Turkeys tend to feel the same:Typically, it’s best to hunt in relatively calm areas, such as creek bottoms, the.We awoke to a foot of snow the next morning on that wyoming hunt and though it ultimately proved fruitless, we went out anyway.When turkey hunting in the wind, you want your head to be on a swivel.

Wind gust can blow your decoys all around and being able to hear anything it pretty much impossible.Windy days can be very annoying.You can use the hen or other kinds of decoys but make sure they are lightweight so you can carry them around the hunting field easily and the wind can do its job as well.You just might have to alter your tactics a little.

You’ll experience both sensations while turkey hunting at southwind.

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