How To Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder References

How To Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder. A cute, interesting, versatile bird feeder that keeps the squirrels out effectively. A large plastic or aluminum bowl would work too.

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Add a little cayenne pepper to your bird seed each time you refill your bird feeder and see. Be sure that the feeder is hanging far enough from the tree that the squirrel can’t just jump from the tree to.

10 Brilliant DIY SquirrelProof Bird Feeder Ideas

Bird man mel has some tips for keeping squirrels out through traditional ways, such as shepherd’s hooks, under baffles and hanging baffles, and you can also stop squirrels by purchasing squirrel proof bird feeders. But, for those looking for inexpensive ways to protect your current bird feeder, here are five things to try.

How To Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder

Here are a few ideas:Here is an entertaining video showing how a squirrel baffle works.Here is another great invention that we found on chris notap’s youtube channel.Here’s how to make your own bird feeder that is squirrel proof:

How to squirrel proof your bird feeder let’s look at some ways you can deter the squirrels from eating your bird seed.How to squirrel proof your feeder?If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.If your bird feeder stands on a yard stake or pole, consider lubricating the pole with cooking oil or grease to make it nice and slippery.

If you’d like to have a little more fun with your squirrels, try a turning a toy slinky into a baffle.It is a homemade baffle recipe using plastic one liter bottles.It is made of a uv stabilized polycarbonate that lets the bird feeder keep its aesthetic value for eternity.It’s remote controled, from inside the comfort of your a squirrel problem with your bird feeder?

It’s the best kind of squirrel proof feeder for attracting small birds like.Keep the area around the feeder clean and remove debris and spilled seed from the ground that could be attracting squirrels.Looks really durable and definitely.Make sure that the hole matches the diameter of the pole where the bird feeder is mounted.

Make sure to look for feeders that combine multiple features in preventing squirrels from chewing, or breaking in and stealing seed.Making your feeder squirrel proof means you can either buy a ready made squirrel proof feeder from stores or online or you can build a cage around your expensive feeder to only allow smaller birds and keep the squirrels away.Many squirrel baffles are designed to twirl or tilt if a squirrel climbs onto them, keeping the animal off balance and unable to access the feeder.Not doing so will provide a foothold to squirrels.

One of our favorites that are just made for this is the slinky for bird feeder pole from songbird essentials.Other feeder poles, like some in this review, require customizations or tactics to keep squirrels away.Put a slinky on the bird feeder pole to stop squirrels.Put crushed cayenne pepper in the bird feed

Simply make holes in the bottom of the plastic bottles, large enough to get around the post of your bird feeder.Songbird essentials squirrel proof spring device.Squirrel boss will save the lives of millions of squirrels by giving people the choice to let them feed or keep.Squirrel proof bird feeder tips 1.

Squirrels and other animals reach your bird food by climbing the nearest trees or from the ground.Take a look below at how to create a squirrel proof bird feeder with these 6 tips so you can enjoy many afternoons of watching the birds flock to your feeders instead.The device hangs by a stainless steel hanging wire that minimizes motion, preventing seed spill.The location of the feeder pole matters.

The shape of the baffle makes the squirrel have to reach and the texture of the baffle gives the squirrel nothing to hold on to.The squirrel will not get hurt, but they will definitely think twice before attempting to eat from one of your feeders.There’s an “x” made from 2×4 lumber on the top, off of which hang several different bird feeders.This is actually a popular way to deter squirrels.

Thread the post through the slinky and attach one end under the feeder, allowing it to drape down the.To keep squirrels from eating at your bird feeders, you can also make changes that will make the food less attractive.Try hanging your feeders from a spinning hook or a type of bird feeder that’s specifically designed to spin a squirrel off.Typically, sunflower seed or large mixed seed blends are ideal for most.

Use a slinky encase a bird feeder pole to prevent squirrels from climbing up or at the very least, deter them for a little bit.Using an electric drill, cut a hole in the center.Using the right seed for your feeder.When you install a squirrel baffle on your bird feeder pole, post, or over a hanging feeder, it creates a physical barrier that squirrels can’t climb or reach around to get to the feeder.

With a hanger and plenty of space for seeds, you can keep your garden birds fed without worrying about squirrels coming to pinch it for themselves.You want something between the tree limb and the bird feeder that will not support the squirrel as he tries to make his way down to the feeder.

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