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How To Relight A Pilot Light On A Gas Fireplace. * if you do not see a red or black spark ignitor button, you do not have a manual ignition system. *before going on, be sure that your gas valve on the flex line and/or wall gas valve are in.

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3 ways to light a gas fireplace from how to relight pilot on gas fireplace. After lighting gas logs pilot light, set the handle to the “on” position.

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Assure the pilot is still burning and turn the knob to the “on” position. Because this is the first light of the season, it may take a while for the gas to reach the pilot.

How To Relight A Pilot Light On A Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces can be found in many sizes and shapes.Has the pilot light on your fireplace gone out?How do i relight my pilot light on a gas fireplace?How to light or relight a pilot on a gas fireplace, insert or stove.

How to light the pilot light on a gas fireplace.How to relight a gas fireplace pilot.How you relight your gas fireplace pilot will depend on the type of fireplace that you have.However, should it extinguish due to inactivity, simply turn the fireplace on and the electronic ignition will relight the pilot automatically.

If power is actively supplied to your fireplace, simply turn the on/off button, wall switch or remote control to “on” to ignite your main burner.If the pilot does not light, wait 5 minutes and try again.If the pilot doesn’t light, wait 10 seconds and push again.If the pilot light does not engage on the first try, you may have to hold down the knob long enough to purge the air out of the gas line.

If you have a very modern fireplace, you may be able to relight it electronically with the push of a button.If you’re lighting an electronic pilot when the electricity is off, you will have to turn the control knob to “pilot ignite” and.In fact, it is really not a matter of relighting the pilot, but rather of resetting the pilot light.In most cases, during the heating season, the pilot light will remain lit;

Keep a close eye on your pilot light once you have restored the flame.Keep trying periodically to light the pilot.Light a match or butane candle lighter and hold it near the burner in the fireplace.Move the pilot knob to the pilot position.

Next up, you need to pull the assembly of the fixed glass off of your fireplace.Now, locate the dial of the gas control.Now, while holding the pilot knob in, push the igniter button in once every second until the pilot is lit.Often, this will involve manually depressing the pilot valve and using an electric ignitor or match to light the pilot.

Once the pilot is lit, continue to hold the.Once the pilot is lit, hold the button down for about 20 seconds until the thermocouple has time to.Once you have given any excess gas a chance to dissipate, follow the instructions in your system’s manual to relight the pilot.Open the lower grill and locate the gas valve;

Pull the match or light away when the burner lights.Push the button in while you push the starter.Relighting your heatilator® standing pilot fireplace video.Remember that this step is a critical precaution for your safety that can prevent any gas to build up if the pilot light is difficult to relight.

Since automatic pilot lights cannot be lit by hand, the procedure for lighting them is entirely different.Step 1 if your fireplace is in the “on” position, simply turn the valve to the “off” position and wait 2 minutes.Step 2 line up the mark on the knob with the word, “pilot.” step 3 hold down the control knob and hit the igniter several times.The great thing about a gas fireplace is that it is easy to light and works quickly to heat up your home.

The pilot light is broken down into a few parts:The pilot should be burning at this point.The pilot should start immediately once the flame is close enough.The steps involved in lighting your pilot on your gas fireplace include:

The thermocouple this is a small rod right beside your pilot light that takes in heat and sends the charge to the rest of the device, telling it to keep flowing gas.The thermocouple, the solenoid, the pilot tube, and the pilot head.Then above the dial, you need to see any black or red button.These should be toward the bottom of the unit and they include a shut.

This allows the gas to reach the pilot assembly.This helps reduce costs for fireplaces that are not being used and is more environmentally friendly.This short instructional video will show you how to properly light a pilot light.This will allow you to push the knob in, which manually releases the flow of gas to the pilot.

To do this, you must shut off the gas supply, effectively resetting the system and resetting the pilot.To light gas logs safely, turn the control handle to the pilot position, press it in, light the pilot with a match and hold down the handle for half a minute until the pilots are burning on their own.Turn on the supply line to the gas fireplace.Turn the gas control until the pilot setting lines up with the hash mark on the outer rim of the control.

Turn the gas key to release gas to the burner.When the pilot lights, let go of the knob slowly.You can adjust the flame height by turning the gas key.You won’t need any tools to reset the pilot.

Your fireplace ought to be designed be placed in area will be absolutely the most favorable in getting the heat it creates.Your valve may be located behind a ‘dashboard plate’ and that will not interfere with the lighting of your pilot light.

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