How To Prime A Pool Pump With Sand Filter References

How To Prime A Pool Pump With Sand Filter. (make sure to change the valve back to the correct position once you are finished either attempting or priming the pump. *if no main drains, skip step 2 and 7.

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*if sand filter, skip step 8. After these possibilities have been eliminated, try to prime the pump manually.

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Change the sand filter multiport valve orientation back to filter or return the cartridge to the cartridge filter and restore normal operation to the filtration equipment. Check the reading on the filter pressure gauge.

How To Prime A Pool Pump With Sand Filter

Here, the filter is turned off to end the rinsing function.How to prime your pool pump.If it does not loose prime when you close your skimmer and main drain valves, it would tend to lead to a suction side leak between the skimmer and valve or main drain and valve.If it is more than 10 feet away, it may not work properly.

If there is no water in the strainer basket or the water level is low, fill the basket with clean water to just above the strainer’s intake port.If you have a spa you can adjust the water flow to suck from the spa drain.If you need to, you can place it just a bit above the water level too.Inspect the pool pump strainer.

It is the pool filter valve positions setting that your filter will spend most of its life on.Its efficient, 1/2 hp motor pushes a steady stream of water through up to 35 lbs of sand.Lastly, the filter valve is set to filter, and the pump is turned on.Learn how to bleed air from your pool filter by running the pump and opening the pressure relief valve located at the top of the tank.

Look at the pump cover gasket to see if it is cracked.Many manufacturers recommend that you not keep the pump more than 20 feet away.Mostly it will be used when the pool pump runs on your timer to keep the water in the pool clean.Next, if your filter has a bleeder valve (usually at the top of the filter) open this while the filter and pump are running until water spits out of the valve and then close immediately.

Open the filter air relief valve while the pump is trying to prime.Open the valve marked air relief at the top of the pool pump.Please note this is a general guide for priming your swimming pool or spa pump, the equipment or requirements to prime your specific pump may vary.Remove decaying leaves and hair from the pump strainer basket and the impeller.

Reset the filter valve & turn on your pump.Shut off all the pool support equipment, including the pump, filter unit, and pool heater.Some pumps require you to manually prime your pump before turning it on.The filter setting is also the one you will use the most when vacuuming your pool.

The following steps will show you how to prime a pool pump.The pool starts filtering normally by switching the valve to filter position through turning on the filter.The pump should also be close to the pool.The pump should start pumping within a couple seconds and all the dust from the sand should wash out the waste pipe.

Then turn the valve on the filter to rinse and turn the pump on.This keeps air out of the tank and allows for maximum efficiency of filtration.This setting is used to filter the water through the sand.To prime your inground swimming pool pump follow these steps below:

When air is trapped in the filter it becomes compressed at the top of the filter tank.When it looks clear, shut off the pump, turn the valve to filter, and turn the pump on.When the reading is high it indicates there is air trapped in the system.You can isolate each as see which allows the pump to loose prime overnight.

You can run through a number of tests to determine if you can repair the pump yourself.

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