How To Organize Legos By Type 2021

How To Organize Legos By Type. 1) organize & store by set. A boy, age seven, and a girl, age four.

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A good place to start would be to separate ‘bricks’, ‘plates’, and ‘other’ lego parts into three different containers. As i mentioned, we tried so many methods and ways to organize lego (on amazon or walmart) sets.

3 LEGO Storage Solutions For Large Collections Lego

First you need to dump out the legos. I find it helpful to sort the pieces according to sequence, ie i have 6 akromills boxes one box are just for 1×2 and its variety, 1×2 w/ 1 hole, next 1×2 w/ 2 holes, 1×2 with studs, clips, cross hole etc.

How To Organize Legos By Type

If you are holed up at home, you may finally want to sort your huge pile of random lego.If you have an extremely particular builder who creates often and would work well with a very detailed system this system might work very well for them.In my house, january is the month to get clean and get organized!In the first of a series of features, the brothers brick will show you how our contributors organise their.

In the process, we did find a few things that didn’t work for us, but they may work for your kids.Inside of the large boxes there could be any degree of samller organizers.Intro to organizing, sorting, & storing lego bricks.It did not work for us to store their lego by sets.

Lego storage for small collections.My son would take apart old creations and make new things.Next you’ll need some storage containers.Print the labels onto cardstock or photo paper and trim down with scissors or a.

Simply add in some of the drawer dividers, and you’ve got a place for every last brick.Simply segregate each piece and place them into a container for that specific color.Sort lego by color & type:The answer is, “it depends.” the answer is, “it depends.” children are all different, and it is important to set up a system that your child (or children) will use.

The first would be to sort the pieces by color.The next time we’d just pull the the sheet with the legos out of the bin and set the sheet on the floor again with the legos.The second option would be to sort the legos by set.The variety of lego™ kits, themes and pieces can seem daunting, and many people ask me how should they organize their legos™.

Then i would keep them in the fabric bins in our ikea kallax unit.Then later you decide you want to make something you’ve never made before.There are a number ways to do this.This week i tackled luke’s lego collection and gave him a color coded lego organization system that he loves!

Those 2×2 bricks that you separated by color in the “color method”, and had all together in the “type method”, will now be separated by both type and color.To organize the legos in these containers, you will first need to sort it out first.Until now, luke’s lego pieces have been stored in an overflowing container.Use a blanket or towel to hold lego pieces while you explore each type so you can easily return them to their specific bin or drawer.

Use google to find and save images of your lego kits.Using a graphic design program (picmonkey, illustrator, canva, etc), create labels that include the lego kit name and number, as well as the picture (if desired).Using this system to sort lego you would separate your lego pieces by both type and color.We have a few different ways we organize lego bricks in the steininger household.

We just found things that work for us and our kids.We used a very large beach towel and dumped out about half of his legos, sorted, and then did it again once those were organized.We would place all of the legos on a sheet then we’d scoop up the sheet and put it all in the bin for easy clean up.We’ll wrap up with some additional tips and tricks from experienced lego builders.

When we first brought legos into the house, i was determined that i was going to keep them organized by set.While i love the creativity that comes with lego, i hate finding small pieces everywhere.You are right about akro mills , they fit perfectly for legos.You can start out by dumping all of them at once, or by dumping out a certain amount at a time, sorting and then dumping out more.

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