How To Move A Hot Tub Off A Deck Ideas

How To Move A Hot Tub Off A Deck. (one dolly should be on either side of the tub.) strap the tub to the dollies. 1/4 an inch is usually a good way to go.

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2) strip the spa cabinet: A small touch when setting up the hot tub may cause them to fall off, but you can tape them to the bottom of the hot tub with sealant or construction adhesive.

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After the move, throw a hot tub. Another nice touch you might consider for your own deck was setting the deck boards for the hot tub deck at 45 degrees rather than perpendicular to the.

How To Move A Hot Tub Off A Deck

By now, you should be left with the wooden frame and the spa bed only.Decks built ground level up to 2 feet off the ground can support up to 100 lbs per square foot;Determine how to get the hot tub on the deck.Disconnect and drain the tub, lift it onto the dollies, then slowly roll it to the truck.

Disconnect the spa, coil the power cable, wrap it in a waterproof bag and place it inside the storage compartment.Do you have a spa that you want removed permanently?Ensure there is plenty of room for the people and equipment.Fill the area with a layer of sand.

For 110v spa models, simply pull the plug from the wall.For decks up to around 4′ off the ground,.For ensuring the drainage, drain tile was placed around the pad and covered with granular stone before the cement was poured.Get hold of the proper equipment to move a hot tub:

Getting the hot tub onto the deck may involve a crane or ramp, depending on the weight of the tub and the height of the deck.Have a plan well before your hot tub’s delivery date.Hire a truck that can accommodate the hot tub size with a hydraulic lift or ramp.Hot tubs can weigh 600 lbs or more even when empty, so the first step should always be to ensure the deck can support the hot tub you want to install.

How do i level a deck for a hot tub?How to move a hot tub / spa by yourself.How to move a hot tub on flat surfaces like a deck:I have seen units cut into manageable sized chunks with a reciprocating saw and hauled off in 50 to 100 pound sections.

If the tub is doa (dead on arrival), there are no worries about how it can be removed.If you decide to go with an inflatable hot tub over a permanent one, you should follow these directions:If you have a low deck.Instead, you’ll need to follow your manufacturer’s directions for the correct way to drain a hot tub, which usually includes using a pump or garden hose to draw the water out into a nearby street gutter.

It took me a good 5 hours working in the heat to get enough boards out of the deck to find out that a much bigger challenge lay ahead.It will take a little more work and planning to build the deck around the hot tub.Lift (you and your pals) each corner of the heavy jacuzzi and insert one wooden piece underneath the tub base to elevate the entire structure off the ground.Locate the breaker switch inside the circuit box and turn it to the off position.

Make sure all electrical components are disconnected.Make sure your deck is lower and closer to the ground;Mark the spa area with paint or chalk.Measure the hot tub and the pathways and driveways it will pass through.

Next, place dollies at the front and back of the tub and slide the boards out from underneath the tub and place the tub.Note that hot tubs directly wired to the power supply will require an electrician and/or a spa service representative to safely disconnect.Once the deck is reinforced or confirmed to be strong enough, you can determine the best installation method.Or moveable composite steps by the hot tub that can be moved to access the hot tub.

Prep your hot tub at least a few days before you move getting a hot tub ready for a move isn’t as simple as just dumping out the water inside of it, since that could flood and damage your yard.Slowly push the dollies to move the tub to its new place.Strap it to the truck’s inside wall, drive to the new location, then unload and reinstall your tub.Sufficient for most hot tubs.

The added support posts should be no more than 30″ apart & ideally placed in poured concrete.The hot tub had a massive frame built around it and i would have to remove that frame before the tub could be lifted because we couldn’t get anything under the tub to lift it out with the frame in place.The hot tub was set upon a concrete pad that was cut into the slope.The last thing anyone wants while walking to and from the hot tub is to get a splinter in their foot.make sure the surface of your deck is smooth to prevent one.

The short answer is yes, you can put an inflatable hot tub on your deck.The spa cabinet, also known as.The spaces between the deck boards should be wide enough to let any sloshed out water through, but not wide enough that someone might catch a toe in it.Then tilt the hot tub into proper position.

They will drop it off in your driveway and we can do the rest.This can be done by designing decking boards that can be raised.This will depend on a few details about the deck itself, and the available access to it.To level a hot tub deck.

Tow straps, two 4×4 pieces of wood, 2 furniture dollies with 4 wheels each, an appliance dolly, and at least 3.Under 2 feet off the ground and you likely don’t need additional support.We also move a lot of spas that customers get delivered from costco and other online dealers.We bought a used hot tub, and it took 10 strong young men to lift the 1250lb tub, and move it 75 ft to the trailer.

We can take old spas and hot tubs away to the.We recommend hiring a professional team for moving a hot tub, especially if it’s going to an upper level deck.With one person on each side of the hot tub, lift the tub off the ground and place the 4 x 4 boards, or furniture sliders, underneath it.Yes, you can put a hot tub on a deck.

You will need to provide access panels to service the hot tub below the deck level.

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