How To Move A Hot Tub By Yourself 2021

How To Move A Hot Tub By Yourself. A standard hot tub is about 450 kilos. And once the pvc is under the hot tub you can even move a hot tub by yourself!!!

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Book a moving company instead and ask specifically if they move heavy items. By putting plywood beneath the tub it will help you to move it more smoothly.

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Carefully remove the beams so the hot tub sits on the dollies, and secure it with moving straps. Connect a hose to the drain valve.

How To Move A Hot Tub By Yourself

For moving a hot tub upstairs or downstairs, you are going to need to use an appliance dolly with load straps attached to it.Get hold of the proper equipment to move a hot tub:Have two people lift one side of the tub by tilting it toward the other side.Hire a truck that can accommodate the hot tub size with a hydraulic lift or ramp.

Hot tubs are difficult to move, so you’ll need the right equipment and plenty of manpower.How to move a hot tub / spa by yourself.How to move a hot tub on flat surfaces like a deck:However, if it is not under warranty it is possible to move it yourself.

I actually used threaded metal rods that i had to hand from another project.If any water is present in the hot tub, it will make it difficult to move the hot tub.If the hot tub is in a horizontal position you will have a much easier time than if it is vertical.If you are planning to move additional items with the hot tub, make sure you know its weight.

If your hot tub is in warranty it would be, by far the best idea to get the hot tub company to move it.If you’re using an appliance dolly, gather your team to tip the hot tub onto one side on the dolly.It goes without saying that removing a hot tub not only requires the tools for the job but manual labor from some friends.It takes the right equipment to remove it to another destination;

It will also make moving you furniture dollies under it much easier.Just remember to be careful and move slowly.Lift the hot tub onto the wood with your helpers.Measure the hot tub and the pathways and driveways it will pass through.

Moving a hot tub with pvc pipe.Next, roll the furniture dollies under the hot tub on the two sides without wooden beams.Now it’s time to start moving and loading the hot tub.Open the spa drain valve to release the water.

Probably the most difficult item to move besides moving a piano out of a home is a hot tub.Put the plywood underneath the hot tub;Ready to follow the steps to moving a hot tub yourself?Recruit at least four helpers and rent a truck, furniture dollies, and moving straps and blankets.

Send it to the hot tub mover.Slide the furniture dollies beneath itSo it goes without saying that it’s not recommended to try and move it by yourself.Sometimes it can be really hard to safely move a hot tub by yourself, even if you are just planning a small move in pellham.

Supplies & tools needed for moving a hot tub.The further you up the price will move.The good news is that moving your hot tub yourself is doable.The price of a big hot tub.

The price of a hot tub could vary prices up to $3000 to $16000 depending on the size and its premium quality.The side that’s still on the ground).The two furniture dollies should be used to move the hot tub when traveling along flat surfaces.There are definitely some interesting moving a hot tub videos online 🙂 but common ideas we found are (that doesn’t require 10 guys picking it up) is to roll it on some sort of pipe (steel, pvc, etc).

These can be anything from small diameter pvc pipes, wooden dowels or metal rods.This method involves lifting the hot tub from one side and putting a number of “rollers” underneath.This part is vitally important and you must make sure that the dollies are attached to the hot tub as firmly as possible.Tilt the other side of the tub (i.e.

To lift the hot tub i used a car jack and a piece.Tow straps, two 4×4 pieces of wood, 2 furniture dollies with 4 wheels each, an appliance dolly, and at least 3 strong helpers beside yourself.Turn the tub on its side, carefully, so that it’s easier to shift it.Walk us from the roadside to where the hot tub is to be placed.

Well… not moving it entirely by yourself.With a few extra hands on deck it can definitely be done.With one person on each side of the hot tub, lift the tub off the ground and place.With the hot tub on its side, place one of the two dollies under the backside and place the other dolly under the front side.

Without them, this move could result in unwanted disaster.Wrap old blankets around the hot tub.You can allow the water to.You can use the inbuilt drainage points of your hot tub, or you can use a pump to drain the water from the hot tub.

You don’t want to damage your hot tub.You would need to weigh up the cost of paying a specialist to do it for you against the time and effort it will take to do it yourself.You’ll need help with this step.

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