How To Move A Gun Safe On Hardwood Floors Ideas

How To Move A Gun Safe On Hardwood Floors. 1) the safe is lighter for our movers and 2) we won’t be able to damage you valuable items. All 4 corners of your safe should be bolted.

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And if you move a lot, bolting the safe to the floor, removing it then bolting it to the floor of your new apartment can be a bit of a hassle. Because it is not easy to move this big safe.

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Cut a piece of plywood or go to an athletic equipment store and get 1/2 thick or more (1 thick would be even better. Depending on the exact location of your safe in your home, your will need to wheel out your metal storage container either downstairs or upstairs.

How To Move A Gun Safe On Hardwood Floors

How to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor.I installed a browning gun safe years ago, building oak shelves around it so it couldn’t be turned over with bolts into concrete below.I need to remove the door to position it and also shed some of the weight for moving it, the book says in bold do not remove.If it turns out we can indeed move your gun safe, here’s what to expect from moving day.

If the floor is made of concrete, then galvanized/zinc plated, or steel bolts should be used.If your safe is light enough to be moved with a fridge dolly or something similar with rubber tires, then a runner wouldn’t be necessary either.In absence of these special bars, such moving methods are best reserved for use on carpeted surfaces.In most cases our safe movers can unbolt your safe.

Installation is easier with a male type of anchor.It is also great for garages.It is better to get permanent space for this gun safe as it is hard to move, but sometimes you may need to move it.It is important to mention that the use of metal bars when moving a gun safe can result in damage to hardwood floors.

Last week i purchased another gun safe 800+lbs it is the largest i can fit in the area it needs to be sotred in and there is ne extra room for manuvering around corners and down a hall way.Male anchors can be installed directly from inside the safe without having to move the safe again.Many gun safes will need to be unbolted from floors or walls.Moved to a differant house 15 years afterward.

Moving companies use special bars that are covered in a rubber coating, for this purpose.Next, we’ll inspect the gun safe for any visible damage.Nw safe uses a specially designed track system to move safes across delicate floors, like tile and hardwood.On an uneven surface, the safe door may open or close by itself and that poses a risk of injury.

One of the practices we always observe is having the client remove all belongings before we move their safe.Or use two thicknesses of the 1/2 mat.) rubber mat that is used in areas where weight lifting is done, to put under the safe to help distribute the load out a bit and prevent any high point loads that can damage the floor.Other considerations that can complicate or simplify a move have to do with the area on which the safe is moved.Preparing your gun safe for the move.

Read this article to discover the most effective ways on how to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor.Since it is ok to keep a gun safe under a bed, you can keep also keep it on the carpet as well.So what can you do to remedy this?Soft lawns, gravel parking lots, or sensitive hardwood floors or marble floors which can crack have their own challenges for safe movers.

The hard floor made any pads or runners unnecessary.They are heavy duty, and i used two of them on our hardwood.This system allows us to both disperse the weight and slide the safe to your desired location without it ever touching your floor.This will help avoid any damage to the safe and the guns, ammunition, etc.

Tiles (depending on the size) it is ok to place your safe on concrete, but to avoid erosion, place a rug or matt underneath the safe.We have specific training that we use every time we move a safe of any size.Were there is a will, there is a wayWhen moving a safe upstairs, one helper should guide the safely wrapped safe while 2 other assistants lift up the dolly one small step at a time.

When my safe(900 lbs empty) was moved into place across hard tile floor, the safe guys used steel rollers to move the safe upright across the floor.When you have a 1000 lb gun safe and you have to remove it then you have to make the plan to move it.When you have to move the gun safe, just remove the bolts and nothing will be sticking out of your floor.You can fill the female anchor shield holes with cement or epoxy.

You can glue a safe to a wooden or concrete floor with special high strength polymer glues.You will find a gun safe in different weight and size.You will need an assistant and moving tool to move this heavy gun safe.

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