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How To Measure Bay Windows For Blinds. 3 window (50 pence shape) bay. 5 windows or more bay window.

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A pencil and piece of paper; A small amount of cardboard.

3 Easy Steps In Choosing Window Treatments For Bay Windows

A step ladder if your windows are out of reach; All bay window blinds must be ordered as exact blind size angled bay windows.

How To Measure Bay Windows For Blinds

Choosing the narrowest width ensures the blind won’t scrape the edges of the window and damage the blind.Contact us if your drop measurements vary by more than 10 mm.Cord position is also important.Cut 2 pieces of cardboard approximately 30 cm long and as wide as the depth chart, below, dictates.

Cut two pi
eces of cardboard at the thickness of what the window blinds would be and approximately 12 inches long.
Decide if you want to use an inside mount or an outside mount.Download this worksheet to record your window details, then bring it in to.Even the smallest differences make all the difference.

Even with the most precise measurements, there will be light and privacy gaps.First, you will need to measure and consider obstructions like vents and window handles.Firstly, you may have a:Follow these easy steps to measure your blinds:

For your curtains to frame your bay window measure the width above your left window, middle window and right window.How to measure a closed splay bay or angled bay window for blinds.How to measure for bay window blinds.How to measure window blinds for bay windows when measuring window blinds for bay windows, you will need calculate the intersecting points of the blinds to determine the width of each piece.the first step is to select a window shade noting that different types of shades will have different depths.

If you don’t have any obstructions above or below your window, write down the largest measurement then add.It’ll be a good reference, plus you’ll have a place to write down your measurements.Let’s go through the overall process of measuring your windows for your new blinds.Measure all the windows as above, apart from the last window each side of the bay which finishes with the wall.

Measure each side from the last mark you made with the templates to the start of the wall.Measure in the same way for each side of your bay window and write them down.Measure the center blind between the marks.round all measurements to the nearest 1/8.Measure the exact height of your recess from the top to bottom on all three windows in your bay.

Measure the exact size of the area you would like the blind to overlap.Measure the left and right blinds from the place you made the mark to the outside where you want the headrail to end.Measure the sides in the same way (do measure both sides separately as often they are slightly different) so that you measure into the.Measure the total width of the front bay window, which is usually the largest window in the bay.

Measuring bay windows for blinds or shades.Now all you need to do is measure the height of your windows.On bay window blinds, there will be a slight gap where the window treatments meet.Once again see the specific product specifications for the depth.

Order blinds marked as inside mount.Our installer visits your home to conduct a technical survey, checking all measurements, shapes.Paper or cardboard to serve as templatesPrint out the measuring guide you need.

Sometimes the glass may even touch in the corners.Square bay window (see video from this starting point for a usual layout) angled bay window (see video from this starting point for a usual layout) in our case, we had the latter, but with only one corner angle.Starting from each mark in the center corners of the middle window, measure the width of the window to the right and then out to the end of the window on the left.Step 2 identify what type of blind you would like to put on your window (for wood venetians we will need the colour and slat size as.

Take this measurement in at least three places across the bay window and use the smallest measurement.The configuration of your bay window will determine what kind of measuring challenges you encounter.The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but please take into account obstacles such as radiators.The two most popular types of bay window are traditional and separated.

Then measure your bay windows with a metal tape measure, using the instructions for your chosen option.These are the obstructions that the blind will need to clear when they are fitted in the bay window.This is the trickiest one to measure for and requires a couple of tools.To get started measuring for blinds, first choose a window covering.

To measure for the front blind all you do is measure the full width of the bay from side to side and order this blind as ‘recessed fitting’.To minimize light leakage we recommend that the blind overlaps the window recess by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm each side.To properly measure your angled bay window, check out blindster’s guide below.Traditional bay windows have sections that are separated only by a thin casing or trim.

Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you.Use a steel tape measure to measure each window section’s width in three places (at the top, middle and bottom).Use a steel tape measure, never cloth.We call this the ‘drop,’ and it’s just a measure of how long your blinds will.

We suggest you do this in 3 different places for maximum accuracy, and use the smallest one when submitting your measurements.When you order, enter the narrowest width.Width option 1 for this option, the front blind fits from corner to corner and then the side blinds are installed up against the.Working collaboratively with you in your home, your designer creates the specifications for your bespoke bay window blinds.

Write down all of your measurements clearly.You will then refer to the headrail chart to see the depth of the headrail of the blinds that you have chosen.Your measurements must be adjusted accordingly when applying vertical blinds to a bay window.

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