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How To Keep Succulents Alive During Winter. 8 foolproof ways to keep your succulents alive. Although succulents can live in pots without the drain hole, it is much harder to keep them alive, since as we mentioned earlier the worst enemy of succulents is moisture, and without this hole in the pot, the substrate will take longer in drying, which can cause rotting of the roots of your succulent.

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An easy way to keep yourself on a regular watering schedule is to use a plant journal to track each ‘drink’ you give your succulents. An open window or where all else fails, an air vent.

10 Products That Will Help Keep Your Houseplants Alive

Are wondering how to keep succulents alive in winter? As we all know succulents plants that flourish in warmer weather and for that reason they can suffer during a harsh winter season.

How To Keep Succulents Alive During Winter

During these periods, plants will need far less water than usual.During winter, water your soft succulents once every three to six weeks.Experts suggest that you must provide at least 14 to 16 hours of light to succulent plants during winter to keep them alive.Extreme temperature changes can harm succulents, so bring them in before winter temperatures dip below freezing.

For example, a hens and chicks succulent can live from 3, and above years, a jade plant can live from 70 to 100 years, while a barrel cactus can live for centuries!For indoor plants, water your indoor succulent once a month during the winter subject to the surface and around 2 inches of soil dryness.For the right winter care, we suggest that you keep your plants in a bright area that gets good air circulation.How to care for succulents during winter.

How to water succulents in the winter.However, there are a few varieties that enter the growth phase during winter.I tend to water with a succulent fertilizer once every 1 to 2 months during their growing periods and find this is enough to keep them healthy.If you can, have some air flow around your plants.

If you hope to keep your succulents healthy, you’ll want to water them occasionally (though they are drought resistant, so a few skipped waterings won’t kill them).In respect to this, how do you keep succulents alive indoors?In this way, your succulents will get plenty of light, i.e., hard to get from outside.It is necessary to purchase these lights because indoors are dark, and these plants need some hours of direct sunlight.

It is very important to remember that there are two types of succulents.It’s always a good idea to keep your succulents well pruned and maintained.It’s incredible how long succulent plants can live.Keep the temperature of the room the succulents are in.

Like most plants, succulents go dormant for a portion of the year.Make sure that the soil in their containers is dry before watering them again.Make sure they’re warm enough…and cool enough!Once they stop growing, they must stop feeding during the year and go dormant, which happens when the temperature and light decrease.

Outdoor succulents always check the surface soil dryness and around 3 inches of soil moisture.Remember, the more you know about your succulent, the better you’ll be able to keep it alive.So the main job for succulent growers is to figure out what succulents you are growing.Some plants may not need any water at all until the seasons change.

Start with the right soil.Succulents come in different types, and their lifespan varies.Succulents go weeks without water and especially during winter they can survive without water but if you still have an urge to water them you can do it once a month.Succulents like to be warm in the summer and cooler in the winter months.

Succulents tend to prefer a temperate climate.Succulents usually need very little fertilizer.That way, you’re able to meet the needs of each individual plant more precisely.The best way to keep succulents safe during winter outside is to plant the hardy succulents.

The only major difference is the frequency of watering.This helps with the draining/drying of the soil and you can keep track of their watering needs.This is especially important before bringing succulents in for the winter.This is part of their survival mechanism for enduring a harsh or arid season.

This is primarily because succulents enter into dormancy.This post will guide you on what you are supposed to do to keep your succulents alive during the winter period.This will help them to survive winter if you overwater succulents in winter that will destroy them by.To keep your succulents alive and thriving during the winter season, it is important to know when to start winter care for your plants.

Try to remove these little guys as much as possible to keep your succulents healthier indoors.Watering succulents in the winter are no different from summer and spring seasons.Watering succulents in winter depends on plant location and soil dryness.We know all too well that winter weather does a number on our skin and hair.

Well, it depends on the type of succulent you have.We’re talking frizz and chapped skin like nobody.What is the lowest temperature succulents can survive?When it comes to succulent arrangements, whether they have drainage or not, it’s always best to water around the base of each succulent, as compared to soaking the entire arrangement.

When you should water your succulents.When you water then, water well, but allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.Yes, you do have to water succulents!You can also choose any window or corner where some light comes inside and keep your cactus alive.

You do not need to fertilize during their dormant months.

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