How To Grow 4c Hair After Big Chop Ideas

How To Grow 4c Hair After Big Chop. *again, a bit blurry but one of the only pics of me with short hair. 1 year post big chop 3c hair.

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1 year post big chop length check. 1 year post big chop length check.

1 Year Big Chop Anniversary Liking The Double Headband

3 tips for tackling 4c hair. 4c hair growth journey time lapse.

How To Grow 4c Hair After Big Chop

After the big chop, you may feel as if you made a big mistake.Although i have enjoyed my sleek short hair cut, i think i’m over the short hair don’t care season of my life and i’m ready to let my hair grow out.Apply the products of your choice and brush, comb, or pick your hair and you’re good to go.Before you big chop you have to come to terms that you are doing something drastic and not everyone will like it.

ow i have listed for you some basic ways you can style your hair after the big chop.
Best products after the big chop.Big chop 3 month update.Big chop 6 month update.

Big chop relaxed hair 4c.By then you will have your favorites figured out and you will know what your hair responds well to as far as products.Currently, my hair is a variety of lengths and curl patterns, so it can be frustrating to style my hair at times.Daily moisturizing may be necessary at the beginning and weekly deep conditioning is recommended.

Developing a healthy hair regimen after you big chop natural hair will put you in a great position for when your hair grows longer.Doing things outside of your comfort zone is the core of going natural.During that growth stage though, you have to be patient with the rate your hair is growing as well as how much length it.First you’ll need to choose products that work for your natural hair.

Growing my hair back i did my big chop in march 2014 and it was the best thing i could have done.Hair growth journey curly hair.Hair growth journey curly hair.Here’s some tips on how to grow out your natural hair after the big chop.

Here’s the real sh*t you need to know before you big chop…How often you moisturize will depend on your hair.How to do the big chop yourself.How to grow 4c hair to waist length.

How to grow natural hair:How to maximize hair growth.I big chopped two years ago and decided to get my hair cut in a pixie.I purchased a bunch of products and decided to wash my hair twice a week.

In many cases, your styling routine will be cut down to mere minutes.In this article, we tell you about 4c hair growth stages and what you can do to maximize your hair’s length and volume.It’s very common for newly big chopped hair to be dry so replenishing moisture to the hair will be very important.Just after the big chop, the next question i asked myself was when it was going to be all grown.

Keke palmer on the big chop.My shrinkage is so real very real.Natural hair journey 2 years.Natural hair journey 2 years.

Natural hair journey 4b hair.Natural hair journey 4b hair.Oils such as coconut and jojoba not only seal in moisture but when.On the other hand, your patience will be tested.

One of the decisions all transitioners must make is whether you will do a big chop or if you will let the relaxed grow out of your hair.Part or section your hair from ear to ear.Spray/mist your hair when it feels dry.Super short cuts are very low maintenance and easy to care for.

That feeling, however, will wear off once you understand that your hair can and will grow back.The best products after the big chop will depend on your hair texture and condition.Then you’ll need to figure out a routine that works for you.Treat underlying hair disorders or infections.

Try to embrace your hair in its natural state whether you recently did the big chop or youre transitioning from relaxed hair.Use the blue line starting with 1 and ending with 2 in the diagram below as a guide.Using the comb, section off your freshly washed hair into four large sections using the diagram below as a guide.Wash, deep condition & moisturize regularly.

What you should do is to enjoy the present length of your hair.When doing a big chop, you will lose your length.When you big chop, you get rid of all the unhealthy hair, including those pesky split ends, and this in turn makes it seem like your hair is growing faster than it actually might be.When you first cut your hair, it may curl up and then relax back down after a few days.

You can also spritz your ‘do with water if that helps in the styling department.You need to calm down after you have ‘shaved’, take each day as it comes, one step at a time.You probably will find out quickly that a wash and go can be a lifesaver.You shouldn’t let their words make you feel like you made a bad decision.

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