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How To Get Telekinesis Bioshock. 5700 4477 0986 8887 user info: A nitro splicer’s bombs must be used to destroy the debris blocking the path to steinman.

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After enhancing yourself with telekinesis, the entire world of rapture is open to your manipulation. Allright, so i grabbed the keys, but then pressed the wrong key, so that they got thrown away.

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Also good to pull dead enemies, search them, then fling them at someone else. Also, they should have made telekineses like this:

How To Get Telekinesis Bioshock

Choose from slimdown and telekinesis.Disable the trap bolts and lower the plate glass.Doing so requires the use of a telekinesis
plasmid, of which you do not currently have in your possession.First things first, you’ll actually need to find the telekinesis plasmid.

Fulfill your desire both for levitating objects and shooting up on neon colored liquids by acquiring the telekinesis plasmid in bioshock for the xbox 360 and pc.Get the telekinesis plasmid in bioshock.Go through the door to the hall to the north.Head to the medical pavilion and look for dandy dental in the dental services area.

How to get the telekinesis plasmid in bioshock.How to:get the telekinesis plasmid in bioshock.If you didn’t already have telekinesis, atlas would set a new goal for you to find it.If you do get him, you can crouch under the set traps.

In order to get it, you must first gain the telekinesis plasmid, which waits for you a little further.It appears as if telekinesis gives good damage to opponents when picking up something more than a small item (e.g., huge damage to enemy when you use it with a barrel or a pressurized canister).It is the second plasmid obtained in the game, after electro bolt.More power plus ability to pick up small enemies.

More power plus the ability to pick up large enemies or multiple.Nitro splicers use bombs as weapons.Offer good while supplies last.”Once you get the security bullseye plasmid, set off an alarm either by hacking or being spotted by a security camera.

Once you’re safely inside, obtaining bioshock’s nitroglycerin is fairly simple.Players find themselves trapped in a utopia gone wrong, and must genetically enhance themselves to survive.Some more goodies await in the two remaining dental offices, in a nearby.Sometimes when i am out of ammo i only use telekinesis.

Still new in the game, so i didn’t know you could delay receiving the telekinesis and go to the garden to swap plasmids.Telekinesis is a plasmid available to the player in bioshock 2.Telekinesis is one of the most useful plasmids in bioshock, and you’ll need it in order to obtain the chompers dental key.The key is in the same room you’re trying to get in.

The key should be grabbed with telekinesis because it is hanging on a wall on the other side of the window.The key to chompers’ dental in the medical pavilion is acquired by using telekinesis through the broken window to the left of the door.The telekinesis plasmid is actually quite close to chomper’s dental and only takes a few minutes to pick up.Then find the gatherer’s garden with the green floor.

Then, throw the security bullseye at the big daddy.There should be a corpse hanging over the broken window.There’s nothing you can do here at the moment, head back down the walkway.This plasmid has many uses and will become an important part of your arsenal.

Use telekenisis to grab the key that’s hanging just inside the broken window.Use telekinesis to safely disarm the trap bolts, and interact with the button on the side of destroy the turret and take the nitroglycerin charge.Use the telekinesis plasmid to grab the grenades they throw and open the doorway up again.Wainarius wainarius 10 years ago 38 20.

What you need to do is use your telekinesis to grab one of the bombs being thrown by the nitro splicer on the balcony.When faced against nitro splicers you can use telekinesis to catch their projectiles, and then launch it back at them or other enemies.When you press and hold the lpm, the hero grabs any item you indicate.When you release the button, the hero shoots it with great force in the direction indicated by the sight.

With the telekinesis power, grab the tank of oxygen off the floor and throw it at the splicer that appears to kill her.You can also use telekinesis to pull ammo and other pickups towards you if they are too far to reach or even behind bars.You can get telekinesis in an area near here.You can get telekinesis in an area near here.

You can then throw the bomb at the debris and clear the exit.You can use this skill in combat, to destroy rpg turrets, and to solve some puzzles.You use telekinesis in the following way:You will also have to squeeze through a small canal.

“for a limited time get a free plasmid by ryan industries at dandy dental with any root canal.

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