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How To Cleanse Selenite Stick. Buy the selected items together. Charging crystals with selenite is easy enough, all you need to do is simply place the selenite onto the crystal (or vice versa depending on which stone is bigger), and leave it for four to six hours.

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Cleanse and charge your selenite crystal using direct moon light, your own healing energy and intentions, or sage smoke. Cleansing and clearing other crystals of negative energies and vibrations is another wonderful property of selenite.

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How To Cleanse Selenite Stick

In order to cleanse citrine using selenite;It helps to heal old emotional wounds and transforms this negative energy to healing, forgiveness and acceptance.—selenite is believed to:• keep the energy clear and balanced• raise your vibration• ward off negative.It is a great gemstone for meditation and to get rid of negative energy in our lives.It is a very soft crystal that can be damaged by water, do not wash it with water and keep it away from any water source;

Just wave it in the air over your head like you would a stick of burning sage to cleanse your aura, hanekamp says, adding that waving it in a room of your home or just displaying it by the.Lay out a piece of selenite (stick) or use a selenite bowl, let the citrine come in direct contact with the selenite and allow it to rest and cleanse for a few hours.Leave them there to charge for a minimum of 6 hours.One 100% natural selenite stick from the sahara desert in africa.

Peach selenite is a stone of transformation.Place a selenite stick in each corner of your space to create a peaceful and safe environment to shield away negative energy or.Placing new stones on top of the selenite (regardless of the form of selenite) for at least six hours is a wonderful way to cleanse and recharge them.Please specify desired size above.

Selenite crystal comes in different shapes and varieties like a wand, tower, stick, plate, sphere, point, stone, beads, slabs, ball, etc.Selenite is the ideal stone to decorate an altar, a living room, a desk, a home, a business or even an office.Selenite scratches and flakes easily, clean it only with a soft, dry clothSelenite’s soft energy resonates with the moon, so charge your bowl by placing it under the moonlight;

Selenite, also known as liquid light, is a form of gypsum that can evoke.Sold by cuartoastral and ships from amazon fulfillment.The gentle healing qualities of selenite can be used to provide protection from negative energy.The last step in your crystal program for clearing your energy is to bring the stone into your environment.

The perfect size to hold, lots of flash and beautiful white colour.These selenite sticks are just gorgeous!These sticks can be used to cleanse or reactivate your jewelry, crystals, and cleansing the energy of one’s auric field.This item:cleanse trio by cuartoastral 1 3inch selenite stick, 1 4inch white sage and 1 3inch palo santo.$9.99.

Tie a stick of selenite to a plant so the stone can become a source of calcium and sulfur for soil and plant nutrition as it naturally dissolves over time.To cleanse and reactivate your jewelry or crystals, simply place them upon or wrap them around your selenite crystal.Unlike other metaphysical stones, you will never have to recharge or cleanse your selenite crystal because it does that by itself.Use a selenite wand or stick and sweep it in front of you from the head to feet.

Using a selenite stick to cleanse your aura is great to prepare for meditation, rituals or spiritual work.Visualise an energetic white light cleansing away bad vibes and forming a bubble shield around you.Wands/sticks in its stick or wand form, selenite is essential for cleansing our aura, as wands are a shape that directs energy flow.When you pick up your crystals or put on your jewelry, they will feel much lighter now that all the negative and blocked energy is removed.

You can also cleanse your crystal jewelry on selenite by wrapping the items around the stone and leaving them for the same amount of time.You can use your selenite stick to cleanse other crystals such as jewellery or tumbled stones by simply placing it on top and leaving it overnight.You might have already read in several guides to use water or sun to cleanse or charge the selenite crystals.You’ll be pleased to have them in your home!

You’ll love these amazing selenite logs, they are perfect for your crystal collection.

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