How To Check If A Car Is Stolen In Nigeria Ideas

How To Check If A Car Is Stolen In Nigeria. Ask for customs document and ensure its original 2. Ask for the custom papers and do a vin check on the said vehicle 2.

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Ask for vehicle documents original ones 3. Ask the seller permission to test run the vehicle at least for two days before you make payment.

10 Things You Never Knew About Car Theft Infographic Car

But this doesn’t immune you as the buyer from being dealt with when. Categories of stolen cars sold in nigeria.

How To Check If A Car Is Stolen In Nigeria

Checking the vin is necessary:Does it match the title?Failing to do so may cost you a lot.Follow these step
s to do a free check:

Get a free vin check with autodna.Give it a few seconds for the query results to appear.Here is how to check plate number.How much does it cost to check custom papers online?

How to avoid buying stolen tokunbo car in nigeria.How to check vehicle registration in nigeria.However, getting caught with a stolen foreign car doesn’t happen often.If you do so, you get a simple vehicle.

In vin check report in nigeria will tell you whether a vehicle has ever been stolen.Input the vin number of the car you wish to look up and click the search button.Input your vehicle’s vin in the slot provided.Inspect it and ensure that the car doesn’t have any engraving.

Is it unreadable on the door or dash?It is a quick and simple way to check if the vehicle is stolen.It prevents you from buying any stolen or damaged car or being the part of any scam.It’s one of the reasons why i’m showing you how to avoid buying a stolen car in nigeria.

Largest database for stolen cars in nigeria.Make sure you by from a registered car stand 3.Many people trust their mechanics and their car dealers but you will soon be shocked as you read this article from the check car history in nigeria.More than five thousand car theft cases have been reported in nigeria in the last 5 years.

On the page, you will see a search engine box, type in the plate number of your vehicle.Once you notice your car has been stolen, head straight to the police station and file a report.One of the places to look out for in this case is the bonnet, which is often difficult to spray.Open a new message box on your device;

Please note that this option is available for all networks.Provide enough information about your stolen car, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you.Remember, hidden faults may be expensive to remove.Request for original customs papers

Some fraudulent clearing agents do what is referred to as.Stolen cars tend to repainted so they cannot be easily identified even if the rightful.Stolencars is a car theft reporting site, were users can easily report their stolen cars any where in nigeria for free.Taking the car to a mechanic will help you determine if there are any obvious mechanical problems with the vehicle.

The first thing to do when your car has been stolen is to call the police or go straight and make a report at the police station.The following are the simple steps to check vehicle registration in nigeria:The helpdesk service is provided by nigeria customs to assist residents in verifying the genuineness of custom papers.The information provided makes it hard for your car to be resold easily, as potencial buyers can easily check if the car they are interested in buying has been reported stolen, and you will be swiftly contacted when your car comes up.

The nicb is your best bet to get an update if the car you are about to purchase is a stolen car or a salvaged car for free.The only legal way to check car number plate owner online is to visit the frsc website, where they have a dedicated section for verifying number plates.Then type‘ ndl status license number then send it to the number 33811.Therefore we have gotten our auto experts to give a comprehensive breakdown on how to track your stolen car without much hassle.

This guide on how to avoid buying stolen vehicles in nigeria will encompass two categories of stolen cars that are often sold in nigeria.This is also helpful if your car is stolen.This is because the car has crossed its mother base.This report highlights technical details, vehicle history reports, inspection registry and check in stolen vehicle database.

To avoid buying a stolen tokunbo car, follow the following guide:To buy a used car in nigeria, below are things to check:Unless, on the other hand, you are buying from a private owner in nigeria or a potentially illegal dealer, make sure the car’s title is clean and safe.Using your browser, go to the nicb vin check page.

Verification of the custom paper is another big step to avoid buying stolen vehicle or undue seizure of your car at the point of checking.Verified customs check, ownership check and stolen status checks.Visit to log in to the motor vehicle registration search website.With your mobile phone, you can use a code to check your driving license status.

You can ask for the custom papers of a car for verification so as to avoid buying a stolen vehicle, this can put you in serious trouble such as embarrassment or seizure of your vehicle during nigeria custom paper check.You can get vehicle history report online lagos here.You just need to enter vin number in the search box here to get all information about the vehicle.You should check the vin number on the vehicle and match it at each location.

You will find it in the top right corner of the page.

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