How Much Does It Cost To Tint Windows On A Honda Accord 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Windows On A Honda Accord. $320 for all windows including the windshield. According to tint pros mobile, car tinting for the driver or one passenger window is $55 and $100 for two front windows.

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All windows were done in 3m ceramic and windshield was done in 3m pinnacle. Each kit includes three varying sizes with different heights available in popular 5, 20, 35 and 50% shades.

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Front side door glass reduces uv rays down to 35% or less. Help reduce the sun’s glare while giving your ride an aggressive roof profile.

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Windows On A Honda Accord

I got a quotation for all windows tinted (7 windows) for $275.I had 5% and 20% on my prelude and you couldn’t tell the difference if.I paid about $155 for 35% tint on a 2004 accord sedan in texas with a nationwide lifetime warranty on labor and product.I say 5% all the way around but 20% would be a good compromise.

I use a local guy, retired from a local honda and acura dealerships, that tinted the front windows on both the ridgeline and our 2019 pilot to colorado max 30%.I went with the 3m crystalline, paid $250 for getting 5% tint on the rear glass, 20% on the front side glass, and 5% across the top of the windshield.I would actually go 5% on the rear and quarters and 20% on the sides.In addition, insight has 4.0mm tempered front door glass and 3.5mm tempered rear door glass.

Is it a fair price?It’s inexpensive and something you can do yourself, or you can let a pro handle it.Laser/plotter cut so no razors were used and the back window was done in one piece without removing the wing.Most of the time, in just a few hours.

My 2017 pilot touring factory tint is 17%, guessing the passport is the same or very close.Not sure about the pilot but my 2018 ridgeline rtle has rear windows factory tinted at 18% according to a post on the ridgeline owners club.Rear door glass, quarter windows and back windows can use either solar glass (>/=70%) or privacy glass, which has a light transmittance of (nominally) 20%.Shop around and do your research, some of the $99 tint jobs specials are just dyed film that might last 5 years and only function as a privacy tint, with very little uv / heat reduction.

Suvs and minivans will obviously pay the most with their plethora of windows.The average cost of tinting one of these monsters is $175 to $250.The price for a full tint in all windows of the honda accord will vary from about $100 to $400.The rules and regulations for window tinting in california indicate that front side windows must allow over 70% of the light through but rear and back side windows can have any tint darkness.

This was back in 2004 though.Tinting your honda’s windows is the simplest way to modify its appearance.Trucks have fewer windows, so they get off slightly cheaper at an average of $125 to 175.Unless it is in direct sunlight you won’t really be able to notice the difference.

Use our guide on this page to get an idea of how much car window tinting costs.Wagons and small suvs like honda crv, lexus rx, and ford escape will give you $240.Wanting to tint the front windows but want it to match.We’ll work around your schedule to make things as convenient as we can, quickly getting you and your accord back on the road.

Window tint not only changes the look of your car, but it also controls the temperature inside the cabin and keeps you as well as your interior safe from uv rays.Windshield reduces uv rays down to 4% or less.You can get this job done by a local shop or the dealership but the dealer will be quite a bit more expensive.You can visit your nearest safelite shop or our mobile auto glass service can come to you.

Your first decision will be whether to go with a lower cost film that will last a year or two and then need to be removed.

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