Genshin Impact How To Get Characters In Your Teapot 2021

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A teapot to call home is a world quest that was added to genshin impact in update 1.5. According to wangsheng funeral parlor discord, the next update will let players get some free primogems.

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And if i get new people i like i’ll bring them in too likely. Character gifts can be given by any characters inside the realm upon obtaining and placing the characters favorite furnishing sets inside the realm.

Genshin Impact How To Get Characters In Your Teapot

For me it’s a mix here and there.Genshin impact info and updates.Having detailed ideas about their teapot, and making up more ideas to improve it me:Here’s how to invite companions to your serenitea pot in genshin impact.

Honestly it’s weird for me cause it gives friendship points so the characters you actually like are kind of getting nothing here since by this point you will likely have your fave character maxed.How to get to the golden apple.How to send characters to the teapot it seems that the restriction to send genshin impact characters to the serenitea pot.If their levels are maxed out, you can use the gift rewards for other characters.

If you don’t already have your serenitea pot unlocked, you need to be at least adventure rank 35, have completed the archon quest “a new star approaches,” and the regular quest “a teapot to call home.”If you want to leave the realm, just summon the teapot again and you’ll see the option to leave the realm.In this genshin impact teapot guide, we show you how to get realms in the game, and make them your own.May 10, 2021 at 7:26 am it’s shame we can’t release our characters as a ai inthe house.

May 5, 2021 at 6:41 am people:Obtain character gifts after getting and placing those furnishing blueprint sets in the serenitea pot, character companions will prepare gifts for the players depending on the furniture set inside the realm.Once in the desired area, click on the ”main building” category and select the mansion.Once you have the realm dispatch item, you can place your companion characters within the teapot realm.

Open the furnishing placement screen and select the exterior area you want to move the mansion to.Placing the favored furniture sets seems only for receiving gifts of 20 primos, 20k mora and a couple mats.Starting in genshin impact 1.6, players will be able to invite any of the main characters to their serenitea pot in order to get to know them better, raise their friendship level, and even earn.Talk with tubby, who will.

Teapot characters will give free primogems.That or characters we dont use.The game will tell you where your mansion is currently located, and ask you if you’re sure you want to move it.The genshin impact 1.6 update introduced the ability to insert any characters you have pulled into your serenitea pot.

The genshin impact teapot traveling salesman is a new vendor in update 1.5 that appears every so often in your realm, and they’ll sell all manners of rare things for your home.The number of characters you can add to the housing system is limited by the trust rank:The player’s owned characters will show up in this tab and place them in their teapot world.The trouble is, of course, that players don’t know much about the new salesman.

This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about their favorites and has a passive way to raise their companionship level.This is a guide on how to invite characters to your housing realm, how to interact with them, and what rewards you can get!This will summon a floating teapot and give you an option to enter the teapot realm.To invite companions, genshin impact players need to choose the character they want and place them in the realm.

To leave the realm, summon and use the teapot.To place characters in the world, press the teapot world edit button and you’ll now have access to the companion tab.To start the mission, players will need.Total time required to get to level friendship level;

With a furniture set in the realm you can place the corresponding character anywhere and they will go to it to gift you.You enter the serenitea pot realm by going to your inventory and navigating to the gadgets section, summoning the teapot and interacting with it.You will first need to talk with tubby.

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